How to create and manage packages in WHM

A hosting package is a set of options and features that define a hosting account. Having different packages means you can offer different types of hosting accounts based on their features.

For example, you can create different packages based on disk size quota, maximum number of mail accounts, maximum number of databases, etc.

Add a new package

To create a new package, find the Packages section and click on Add a Package.

Alternatively, you can just type in Add a Package in the search field.

Let’s call the new package Basic and limit the disk space and bandwidth to 1000MB. Place the desired limits on the other resources as well. You can also choose to assign a Dedicated IP, allow Shell access, allow CGI Access (this is enabled by default and we advise you to leave it that way) or enable Digest Authentication at account creation (used for Web Disk access by users with Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8 operating systems).

You can also change the cPanel theme (we would choose x3 here), choose a Feature List (default in this case) and select a Locale (English in our example).

Here’s what our Basic package looks like:

To save it, click the blue Add button at the bottom of the screen. You should receive a confirmation that the package has been successfully created.

Edit an existing package #

To edit a package, click Edit a Package in the Package section.

Then you should select the package you want to edit and click Edit to modify it.

The editing screen will present you with the same options as when creating the package. When you are done with the changes, click the Save Changes button to save the modified package. To revert the applied changes, click the Reset button.

Delete a package #

To remove an existing package, you should click Delete a Package, select the package you want to delete and click the Delete button to remove it.