Changing your Word Press Password using Myphp

Installed a security plugin and its seeing you as a threat to your own system or you did not quite configure Word Press properly during installation and it is now the bane of your entry. Take these steps back to full control through MyPHP.

Go to the Databases page on your control panel (plesk or cPanel), Click on the MyPHP button to take you to your Database dashboard.

Once on the database manager, SEARCH, ‘users’ or wpwx_users on the tiny search bar on the sidebar. Click on wpwx_users, to access the list.

The list will show you the users accessing your Word Press site, Click the EDIT button aligned to the user, whose profile you wish to reconfigure.

You can now change the access email address by editing the existing email address, password is shown in funny jibberish characters, you can edit that panel to reset the password. Ensure you also go to the drop down menu, written VARCHAR 255 and select MD5 to encrypt your password.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on GO to confirm your changes.

AND THEN WE HAVE RESET USER SETTINGS! Now you can log in using the new credentials.