Domain Redirects/Forwarding

This Article Includes: Adding, Removing, Enabling & Disabling a Domain Redirects & DNS Requirments.

The First Step is to log in to your cPanel Control Panel. You should be able to log in at: (where is your actual domain).

Create a Redirect

To add a redirect: Click on the “Redirects” Icon Under the “Domains” Heading.

1. Use the drop-down menu to select the type of redirection needed temporary or permanent.
* The Temporary 302 setting will not update the visitor’s bookmarks.
* The Permanent 301 setting will notify the visitor’s browser to update its records.

2. Enter the URL you would like to redirect, using the pull-down menu and corresponding text box.
* You may use the All Public Domains option to redirect all domains controlled by your cPanel accounts.

3. In the redirects to field, enter the URL to which you would like to redirect users.
* You must specify a protocol in this field, such as http://, https://, or ftp://.

4. Select whether to redirect with or without www. preceding the URL, using the following options:
* When you select Only redirect with www, only users who type www in front of the page name will be redirected.
* When you select Redirect with or without www., you will redirect all users regardless of whether the www. prefix is included with the URL.
* When you select Do Not Redirect www., users who type www. with the URL will not be redirected.

5. Click the Wild Card Redirect box if you wish to redirect all files within a directory to the same filename in the new directory.
* Example: When wild card redirects are active, if redirects to, then a visitor trying to access will be redirected to

6. Click Add.
* You may test the redirect by clicking the link under Directory in the Current Redirects table. This will take you to the original domain, which should be redirected if it is properly configured.

Important: You cannot edit a redirect using this screen. If you wish to modify a redirect, you will need to delete and then recreate it.

Remove a Redirect

To remove an existing redirect:

1. Click the Circle_X_button.gif button corresponding to the redirect you would like to remove.

2. Confirm that you would like to remove the redirect by clicking Yes.
* To keep the redirect, click No.

Search Existing Redirects

You may also search through existing redirects:

1. Enter the search criteria into the Search field.

2. Click Go.

Results matching your search criteria will populate the list. You may sort the list of redirects by clicking on any heading. The redirects will be sorted according to the attribute you clicked (for example, Directory or Type).

Domain Redirects DNS Requirments

In order for a Redirected Domain to be available by browser (eg;, It must have a DNS A-Record pointing it to the server. As we Run Dedicated DNS Servers THIS IS NOT an action that you can do from your Control Panel.

If You Set the Domain to Use Our Name Servers: Then we manage the DNS Records on your Domain.   if you Have a VDNS Account you can add the Domain to the same IP Address as your Primary Domain Points to.

Otherwise please contact our Support Department by emailing and simply say: “Point the Domain: to the server” (Provide the domain you added in the control panel and your Primary Account Domain).

If You Manage your DNS Records at Your Domain Registrar or Else Where: add A-Records Pointing the Redirected Domain to the same IP Address as your Primary Domain Points to.