FAQs: C-Panel Migration

Here are the most frequently asked questions about migrating from C-panel. #

This article is to help you answer some of the most common questions about Direct Admin and the migration process. If you have any questions not mentioned here, feel free to contact support.


Q: Will my website data be lost?

A: No data will be lost during the migration. If there be any inconvenience happening during the migration, our team will have full a full backup of your data.




Q: How will this change affect my website & emails?

A: The migration will have no effect on your website or affect any of your emails




Q: Will there be downtime?

A: No, we guarantee you no downtime during the migration process.




Q: How do I access the new hosting portal?

A: You will receive the URL and login details directly to your email.


Q: Will there be any money to be paid for the migration?

A: No costs will be incurred on your end during the whole process.



Q: What is the main difference between Plesk and Direct Admin?

A: The only major difference between the two is their user interface, one almost resembles cPanel(Direct Admin) the other went with their own design, which for most people may be a learning curve. Otherwise, they are both just as effective, secure, and powerful control panels.

Direct Admin



Q: Should I update my Nameservers after the migration?

A: There is no need to unless your website was pointing to the cPanel via IP, contact support for assistance.