Front Page Connection Issues

Below are Common Errors which occur when trying to connect to the server with Front Page.

#1.   Unable to Open Server Error: The Web Server Does not appear to have Windows Share Point Services Installed. etc, etc…..

Possible Cause: The server your website is hosted on does not support Microsoft FrontPage. NOTE: As of 2006 Microsoft stopped supporting FrontPage. As a result of this many of our servers no longer support FrontPage. If you are unsure if the server you are hosted on supports FrontPage please contact our Support Department by emailing: Be sure to provide your Domain Name.

Possible Resolution: Reset the Front Page Extensions on the server by Logging into your control panel.

Cpanel Servers: In Your Browser go to: (Where is your actual domain name). After Logged In scroll down to the “Advanced” Section, and Click on the “Front Page Extensions” Icon.   Click the Re-Install Extensions Button.

Mach Servers: In Your Browser go to: (Where is your actual domain name). After Logged In, Along the Very Top of the Page Click on the “Tools” Tab.   From the left side Menu Click on #2. “Front Page Server Extensions”.   > Click on the “Reinstall” Link

Try to connect again with your Front Page Software.

#2. You Continue to Get Prompted for a Username and Password.

Possible Cause: You are using the wrong username and/or password.

Possible Resolution: Confirm your Username and Password. You can do this by logging into the server control panel. If you are able to log in to the server control panel then you are using the correct username and password.   If you can not log in to the control panel then please contact our support department by emailing: and request that your password be reset.