How to add a domain to your hosting account

Its always sweet to have a deluxe or intermediate account, these allow you to host more than one domain to your hosting account. This article will show you how to add the domain to your account and start using it from there.

Log into your Plesk account and click on the add domain button. Please note that if it is not there it means one of two things, either you have reached the maximum number of domains you can hold or your account does not have the privilege of having multiple domains.

Enter the domain name you want to add in the slot ‘’. The account you are adding the domain to is labelled ‘yourdomainwithhosting.account’, this is where you select the hosting subscription you want to add the domain to. Then choose a root folder for your new domain, After that, you can complete the process by clicking OK at the bottom of the page.

Note that once the domain has been added, its nameservers will need to be updated to point to that account, that’s if it is not already pointing to it. If not and the domain is registered elsewhere, please contact support for the nameservers to provide your domain registrar, if we are the registrar update the nameservers via client area albeit you will need to contact support to confirm if it is not already pointing to that account.