How to create a backup on Plesk

It is always important to create off-server backups just in case anything happens and you need to restore your site. The Word Press lovers know of the stories they are told of backing up their website before updating to a new version. Anyway, these are simple steps on how to keep backups on your server panel for restore points in any event, these are downloadable for future use or safekeeping.

Log into the Plesk panel then go to Backup Manager as shown below. For those with multiple domains/subscriptions on one panel, you will be asked to choose the web space you want to work on.                 

Click on the backup button shown below to create a new back up of your site and emails.

This will open the page where you choose what type of back up you want. Incremental will only save the new data not saved by the last back up, full will save everything as they are at the moment. We recommend you do a full backup especially if you looking to download and store on offline, once done, click OK at the bottom of the page.

Note that this may take a while, once it takes you to the page below you can log out and check back later for the completed download (you may have noticed an option to receive an email notification for when the which will show you the size and green download button, which you then click to download the backup. Then you good to go!