How to Install an Application Using Softaculous

Now that we have been trying out applications on Softaculous lets see how we add them to our websites.

First we head to our Softaculous Dashdoard and go through the various categories and select your desired application, or search for it in the search bar.

Once you have selected your application, note the two Install buttons. The top one offers you a choice between Quick and Custom Installations.

Quick Installations is the short and fun download and install, only requiring you to confirm URL and admin settings (Username and Password). 

Custom Installations are longer and require a few more settings. First it asks for confirmation for admin credentials and second recommends the root URL, which you can edit to what you prefer. 

Note that there is a button  to switch to Quick install

Once that is sorted click install, it downloads, installs and you VOILA!!! Application installed!