How to install an SSL certificate on Plesk

Log in to your Plesk account and select your domain name. 

From there select SSL TLS Certificates 

Then click on “Get it free” 

IMPORTANT: If your domain is pointing to the server using the current server nameservers you can select all the options and if you are pointing to the server using “A” IP records please only select  “Include a “www” subdomain for the domain and each selected alias” (otherwise the SSL installation might fail” 

Enter your email address on the box and select the boxes as shown below pleskimg / pleskssl1(1).png

From there, your SSL certificate will be installed. 

If the SSL installation fails please contact support for help. 


NB: If your domain was recently migrated from cPanel to Plesk, please make sure to uncheck everything and only check “Include a “www” subdomain for the domain and each selected alias” as per the picture below.

When the following page appears, click the reload button as shown below

Then viola! You have successfully installed an SSL Certificate!

Should you encounter any challenges, please contact support for assistance.