How to install Word Press from your Plesk Dashboard

Want to create a  Word Press website? You can  Plesk? This is how you can quickly remove your remove website and control panel.

Step 1

Log into your Plesk Dashboard.

Step 2

Go to wordpress and Click Install if you are creating your WordPress Site for the first time. 

Step 3 

A form will pop up with the following requirements:

3.1 Site location on your domain

If you want your website to go directly to your domain you can leave the corresponding field empty. If you want it to go elsewhere because your site is still under construction, you can add a location you wish to put your site.

3.2 Username and Password

A Username and Password are automatically created and all you have to do is save them then proceed. In the event that you want to change them, feel free to do so in the respective fields. You can do the same for your email as well.

Step 5

Click Install and wait for the magic….

Boom! Website uploaded with all corresponding WordPress data!!!

This becomes your Word Press Website back end which you can use via Plesk or log into your Word Press account here.