How to Register a Domain on Behalf of your Client

ZISPA has a strict policy against web designers, marketing companies etc registering their client’s domains using their own details. It is a serious offence to be seen doing so hence, NivaCity ensuring the correct domain owner information is used. This article will show you how to purchase the order without having to create a new account.


Step 1

Log into your NivaCity client area and check for the domain availability.


Step 2

Once you have confirmed the availability of the domain, add it to the cart and proceed to check out. This will bring you to this page where you have to add your Client’s Company name and business Description i.e hardware store, builder, engineer etc. Please make sure to add the nameservers of a valid hosting account as well then click on continue.

Step 3

Review your cart then click Checkout

Step 4

i)  Here comes the fun part. Instead of using the default registrant info, select Add Contact.

ii) Then add your Client’s details, this will also save them as a contact under your account as well.

Step 5

Complete the order and you will get the invoice sent to your email as well as on your screen, depending on the mode of payment chosen. Now you have a domain with the correct domain owner information and you will not have ZISPA giving you trouble regarding ownership details.