I Can Send Email, But Can Not Receive

ISSUE: I Can Send Email, But Can Not Receive

NOTE: This Article applies to Email Accounts That ARE NOT being Forwarded to another Email Address. If you are forwarding your emails to another email address please see “My Forwarded Emails are not being Delivered”

CAUSE: This issue is almost always caused by the email user account being over disk quota. Most generally your email accounts will go over Disk Quota because email is being left on the server after you are downloading it to your Desktop.   You will find a setting in your Desktop email software to specify if and/or how long to leave emails on the server. We suggest that you set this to a maximum of 30 days (Eg; remove emails from server after 30 days). If you wish to leave email on the server permanantly then you will need to log into webmail periodically and delete unwanted emails.

RESOLUTION: Log into your Email Control Panel and see if your account OR if the email account you are having a problem with is over disk quota. If It is over Quota assign more disk space to this User Account. NOTE: If you do not know how to Log Into Your Email Control Panel Please See The Article: “How Do I Access My Email Control Panel”.   You should then Log in to Webmail and delete unwanted emails to free up disk space.    NOTE: If you do not know how to Log Into Your Webmail Please See The Article: “Accessing Webmail”.

I Have Followed the Steps Above, But I Still Can Not Send Email From My Desk Top Email Software.

STEP #1. Log into Webmail for this email account and see if you can  Receive Emails  In Webmail. (NOTE: Please allow at least 15 minutes for emails to be delivered or received) If You Do not know how to access Webmail please see: “Accessing Webmail” Here in the knowledgebase.

– IF YES You can Receive emails  In Webmail go to Step #2 below.

– IF NO you Can Not  Receive Email  In Webmail skip down to Step #3 below.

STEP #2. Confirm that your Desk top Email Software settings for the Email Account are Correct. NOTE: Even Though you may not have made any changes to your Desk top Email Software, It is well documented that Email Softwares will often just randomly stop working (Especially Microsoft products like Outlook, Outlook express, etc).

We Reccomend that you use the Instructions we provide here in the Knowledgebase “Configuring Desktop Email Clients” to check your Settings. NOTE: If using a Microsoft product, we Reccomend that you Delete the email account from your Email Software. Then Close your Email Software, Then Re-open your Email Software and re-configure the Account using the Instructions we provide here in the Knowledgebase “Configuring Desktop Email Clients”

STEP #3. You Have followed the Steps above and nothing is working. Please submit a support ticket by emailing support@nivacity.com NOTE: Be sure to include the Email Account in question and the Password for this Account.