My Forwarded Emails Are Not Being Delivered

ISSUE: My Forwarded Emails (Email Aliases) Are Not Being Delivered

NOTE: This Article Applies to Web Hosting Accounts Only. If you are using the Free Domain Registration Email Forwarding Service Please See the Article Under the “Manageing Domain Registrations” Category For Email Forwarding Issues.

CAUSE: If you are forwarding your emails to an ISP or 3rd party email service (eg; AOL, Comcast, Hotmail, AT&T, Gmail, Yahoo, etc, etc) The Most Likely Reason your emails are not being delivered is because the Email server you are forwarding to has started blocking the emails or Filtering them as Spam.

NOTE: It does not matter that you have been forwarding your email for years or months, etc. Unfortunately in an Effort to fight spam many email servers are using VERY over-zealous email filtering tools. These filtering tools are seeing a high volume of emails coming from your email address and/or from the email server going to the same email address on their server over and over again that makes them appear as spam.

RESOLUTION: The best resolution, and best guarantee that your emails will be delivered is to not forward them to a 3rd party email service. Your POP email accounts can be accessed by Webmail or can be configured to be received on your PC using a Email Software. You can find instructions for Configuring your PC’s Email Software under the Category: “Configuring Desk Top Email Clients” Below are Steps to test your Forwarded emails and suggestions to resolve the issue.

Is a Bounce Back Notice Being Received by Persons who Send an Email to your Forwarded Email Address?

YES A Bounce Back Notice is being received when sending to my forwarded email address. Skip down to Step #2 below.

NO a Bounce Back Notice is Not being received when sending to my forwarded email address. See Step #1 below.

STEP #1. Test Your Forwarding. You can test your email forwarding by simply forwarding your emails to a different email address at a different email server. EG; If you are currently forwarding them to a comcast email address then Use an email to forward to that is NOT a comcast email address. Then send an email to your Forwarded email address.

– If You can Receive your Forwarded emails at the different email address (The new email address you just set to forward to) then your emails are being filtered as spam. The reason you are not receiving a bounce back message is because the email service you are forwarding to has “Server Filtering” Eg; it filters them as spam before they reach your email account. You are not getting a bounce Back message because the emails are not being rejected they are being delivered to a spam filtered folder on the server.

Suggested Resolution: #1. Ensure that the forwarded emails are Not being filtered to your junk mail or spam filtered folders. Eg; If you are forwarding to a Comcast email address then log into your account at Comcast and check any spam filtered folders or Junk Mail Folders that you may have. #2. Contact the Email service you are forwarding to and ask them for a resolution. NOTE: Be sure to inform them that you can receive emails when you forward to other email addresses.

– If You can NOT Receive your Forwarded emails at any Email Address See Step #2 below.

STEP #2. Please submit a support ticket by emailing NOTE: Be sure to include the Email Account in question, Also Please let us know any test you have performed. NOTE: If you are receiving a Bounce Back Notice when sending to your Forwarded Email Address, Copy and Paste that into your Support email..