Parked Domains

This Article Includes: Adding, Removing, Enabling & Disabling a Parked Domain & DNS Requirments.

The First Step is to login to your cPanel Control Panel. You should be able to login at: (where is your actual Domain).

Create a Parked Domain

To add a parked domain: – Click on the “Parked Domains” Icon Under the “Domains” Heading.

1. Enter the domain you wish to park in the available text field.

2. Click Add Domain

To open the parked domain’s home directory with the File Manager:
Click the link under Document Root that corresponds to the parked domain you would like to view in the File Manager.

NOTE: Parked Domains with NO Redirect will by default resolve to the Primary Domain (Primary Domains home page).

Enable or Disable Parked Domain Redirection

To enable or disable redirection of a parked domain:

1. Click the Manage Redirection link corresponding to the parked domain you wish to manage.

2. If you want to redirect the domain, enter the link you would like to redirect the parked domain to in the available text field.

3. Click Save.

To disable the redirect, click Disable Redirection.

Remove a Parked Domain

To remove an existing parked domain:

1. Click the Remove link corresponding to the parked domain you would like to remove.

2. Confirm that you would like to remove the parked domain by clicking Yes.
To keep the parked domain, click No.

Search Parked Domains

You may also search through existing parked domains:

1. Enter the search criteria into the Search field.

2. Click Go.

Results matching your search criteria will populate the list.

Parked Domain DNS Requirments

In order for a Parked Domain to be available by browser (eg;, It must have a DNS A-Record pointing it to the server. As we Run Dedicated DNS Servers THIS IS NOT an action that you can do from your Control Panel.

If You Set the Domain to Use Our Name Servers: Then we manage the DNS Records on your Domain.   if you Have a VDNS Account you can add the Domain to the same IP Address as your Primary Domain Points to.

Otherwise please contact our Support Department by emailing and simply say: “Point the Domain: to the server” (Provide the domain you added in the control panel and the Primary Domain on your account).

If You Manage your DNS Records at Your Domain Registrar or Else Where: add A-Records Pointing the Parked Domain to the same IP Address as your Primary Domain Points to.