Publishing with Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003

NOTE: This Article Assumes you Have Front Page 2003 Open on your Computer.

#1. From the File menu, click Publish Site.

#2. From the Remote Web Site Properties dialog box, under the Remote Web Site tab, click to select FrontPage or SharePoint Services.

#3. In the Remote Web site location text box, enter the domain name of the site to which you want to publish your Web pages. Click OK.   EXAMPLE:   (where is your actual Domain Name).

#4. From the login dialog box, in the User name and Password text boxes, enter your User name and Password. Click OK. NOTE: This will be the same Username and Password you use to log into the server control panel.

Your Local Pages (computer) will appear in the Left Pane and the Remote Pages (server) will appear in the right side Pane. You can then optionally drag and drop from one side to the other (upload left to right,   download right to left) or choose to publish only changed pages, or publish all pages in the bottom right corner.