Site Redirection

On a Web site, redirection is a technique for moving visitors to a different Web page than the one they request, usually because the page requested is unavailable. Web users often encounter redirection when they visit the Web site of a company whose name has been changed or which has been acquired by another company.

In order to create a new ” Site Redirection ” , follow the steps below :

Step 1 : Click on ” SITE REDIRECTION ” under ” ACCOUNT MANAGER “.

Step 2 : This will direct you to a page with more options regarding “SITE REDIRECTION ” , you will then click on ” CREATE NEW REDIRECT “.

Step 3 : This will prompt that you fill in your ” Local URL path ” , your ” Redirect Type ” and your ” Destination URL

Step 4 : Once you have filled everything , you can then click on ” CREATE ” and you are all READY to go !!