What Type Server Is My Email Hosted On?

You Can Determine what Type of server Your Email is Hosted on a few different ways and Based on a Few Different Variables, However the easiest way to Determine your server type is by accessing Your Mail server by Browser.

In Your Browser Address Bar type: http://mail.YourDomain.com EXAMPLE: If your Domain was www.domain.com then In your Browser Address Bar Type: http://mail.domain.com and then Hit on your Keyboard.

– If You Get a Page with a Orange Header that says: “Default Website Page” Then your Email is Hosted on a CPanel Server.

– If You Get a White Background Page That Says “Welcome to Mach 1 thru Mach 9″ Then your Email is Hosted on a Mach Server.

– If you get a Page with a Blue Header that Says “Paralells Plesk Control Panel” Then Your Email Is Hosted on A Plesk Server.

 If you Get a Page With a Smarter Mail Login Then your Email is Hosted On a Smarter Mail Server.