ZISPA is the registry for all .co.zw domain names in Zimbabwe. 

As a registry there are a certain set of rules and regulations that govern the .co.zw domain names and here is a list of requirements common issues and how to rectify them . 

To register a .co.zw domain name you need to provide the following information 

  • Domain Owner……….:  Your full name (e.g Will.E Coyote)
  • Organisation Name…..:  Your organisation name (e.g Acme Inc)
  • Physical Address……:  Where you live i.e 10 bang street, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (P.O Box addresses are not allowed on this line)
  • Postal Address …….: Your postal address: P.O Box 13 , Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • Town/City………….: Your town (e.g Bulawayo) 
  • Country……………: Your country (e.g Zimbabwe) 
  • Voice Phone………..: Your phone number including country code (e.g +263 71 231 45789)
  • E-mail Address……..: Your email address (e.g will@acmeinc.com)
  • Description………..:  What you are going to be using it for (e.g personal blog if its just a blog or demolition sales if you sell explosives) 
  • Proposed domain usage.: (what you are using it for , (e.g website and emails) 

ZISPA requires that all domain names be registered in their respective owner’s names meaning that if you are registering a domain name on behalf of someone else you will need to provide the owner’s name instead of yours when you are signing up. For more information please read the “how to register a domain name for someone else” section on how to do that. For more information on this please refer to “I have been suspended at ZISPA?!”

Common Errors 

From time to time you may receive some errors or warnings from ZISPA regarding your domain names and here are the email subject headers and how to rectify them 

  1. ZISPA automated warning: Continuing nameserver errors for domain domain.co.zw


    If you receive this email it means that your nameservers are invalid, not responding or your web hosting account has not been set up. 

    The common one here is that the web hosting account for the domain name has not been set up and you can fix this by creating a web hosting account and updating your nameservers to point to the web hosting account you just created.

  2. WARNING: Bad email address for domain domain.co.zw


    This means that the email address you provided does not exist, ZISPA requires that all domain names must be registered with email addresses that actually exist to make sure you receive all necessary correspondence regarding your domain name. All domains registered with invalid email addresses will be deleted immediately and you can have it re-registered by contacting technical support and providing a working email address.