Uninstalling Applications on Softaculous

We know we try them applications and they just do not make the cut or they are abusing your resources or they have outlived their usefulness. Worry not, for they can still be removed!

Go to the Softaculous Dashboard and click on installations, either directly from the home page or from the top right options.

Once facing your list of Installations, click on the red X to remove the undesired software or select it from the list and use the underlying drop down menu to select how you wish to remove it. Clicking the Starts the process immediatley, the drop down needs you click on Go once you have made your selection.

Java applications are removed immediately but PHP applications, eg Word Press may ask for further confirmations. First for what you want remove.

Secondly, it gives info on the application about to be removed and the remove the button which you click for the magic!

watch the magic and SUCCESS!!! The application has been removed!