Welcome to Softaculous!

We have added Softaculous, a module for easy installation, management and development of web-based applications for your website. With just a few clicks you install seemingly complex web apps to your website without having to worry about the complex requirements like database settings, name servers and scripts that keep you boggled with technical jargon.

By clicking on the Softaculous link on your Plesk Dashboard lands you on the Softaculous dashboard, granting you access to innumerable applications to your site, including but not limited to: Word Press, Joomla and WHMCS!

Its simple design has quick short cuts to some control panel functions. A list of various categories of the apps on offer to the right with a search button for easy pickings and the top right has mini icons for control panel functions you might need to quickly check while working on your apps.

It also offers JavaScript applications! Simply accessible from the interchangeable menu at the top left corner.

Once your spoilt for choice one tends to want to taste all the pudding cups on the buffet. Fortunately, Softaculous allows you to demo the application without adding it to your website ensuring you get what you need. You also get access to various insights from fellow users, sneak peaks of what the system looks like(screenshots) and notes on when it was last updated and whether its still safe or not. 

With Softaculous, web systems are seamless and a fun fingertip game making life blissful for you, your team and/or organisation. Get exploring and get the most off your website!!!